Laptop Recycling

UK and EU environmental legislation surrounding the transportation and processing of IT recycling and disposal is very complex Since July 2005 scrap CRT monitors have been classified as hazardous waste by the UK Government, and only companies who have been licensed by the Environment Agency are permitted to transport and process such items.

Feel Safe and Secure

By using LRC to manage the removal and processing of your redundant IT equipment, you can ensure your organization fully meets its legal and environmental responsibilities.

Limitations and procedure

LRC is under the process of licensing by the Environment Agency to collect/ repair any WEEE redundant IT equipment. After the collection of redundant IT equipment, the collected equipment is bar-coded and allocated a reference number for asset tracking. Equipment is then visually inspected and categorized for either disposal or re-marketing. Equipment allocated for re-marketing is then subjected to a functionality test and graded depending on condition. Asset reports of the equipment are offered for your perusal as a hard copy an or electronic file. we take your data very seriously.

All hard drives are either shredded or data-erased. We remove all company references and security markings from equipment. In the event that security markings cannot be removed, equipment will automatically be forwarded for disposal. LRC features: Safety and Security Flexible Services Accountability Environmentally Responsible Processes


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